800+ User Interface Elements

PowerMockup provides a large collection of user interface elements and icons made entirely out of PowerPoint shapes. With these elements you easily can create screen prototypes of mobile, web, and desktop applications—right inside PowerPoint!

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How Does PowerMockup Work?

PowerMockup is an add-on that integrates a library pane into the PowerPoint window, giving you easy access to the included wireframe and mockup shapes.

Quick Search

PowerMockup’s instant search feature makes finding the right shapes an easy task. As you type, the list of shapes automatically filters until you get what you are looking for. PowerMockup also recognizes synonyms so that a search for “Input” yields results including “Text Box” and “Text Area” items.

Drag and Drop

Once you have found a shape that you want to use for a wireframe or mockup, simply drag it from the library pane to the desired location on your PowerPoint slide. It’s quick and easy!

Custom Shapes

You also can add your own items to the shape library. Simply select a shape on a PowerPoint slide, click on “Add Shape,” and you’ve created a custom shape. For better organization, arrange your shapes into separate categories and subcategories. You also can import and export shape categories, so you can share your creations with others.

Smart Shapes

Several of the PowerMockup shapes provide additional functionality that goes beyond what PowerPoint offers. For instance, when you resize the “Window” shape, PowerMockup ensures that the window’s title bar keeps the correct proportions. Some shapes also allow you to make quick changes, such as adding items to a tab bar or setting the state of a check box.

Company-Wide Library

When working in a team, you may want to create a shared repository of commonly used shapes. This is what PowerMockup’s “Shared Shape Library” feature is for. It allows you to set up a shape library that is stored online on the PowerMockup servers, which multiple users can access (according to the rights granted).

Why PowerPoint?

Instead of creating a stand-alone mockup and wireframing tool, we decided to build upon the strengths of PowerPoint and turn it into a powerful prototyping platform. Here’s why.

Ease of Use

The success of PowerPoint is related closely to its ease of use and shallow learning curve. Even first-time users can create presentations from scratch within a couple of minutes. And if you ever get stuck with a PowerPoint problem, you will find plenty of websites and books offering help.

One Tool for All

Using PowerPoint as a prototyping tool ensures that all stakeholders are able to participate in the development process, even those without coding or design skills. No one gets left out, and all team members can drive development collaboratively.


PowerPoint’s presentation features make it a great tool for creating storyboards that demonstrate the flow between screens. Slide by slide, you can present a tour of the user interface and use animations, links, and actions to add interactivity.


PowerPoint includes collaboration and sharing features that facilitate working in a team. You can share documents with others via OneDrive or SharePoint, leave comments on slides, and merge different versions of a document into a single file.


From common bitmap images (PNG, JPEG, BMP, etc.) over vector graphics (EMF, WMF, EPS) to video files (MP4, WMV) and PDF documents, PowerPoint supports a wide range of import and export formats for shapes and slides.

Office Integration

Part of the Microsoft Office suite, PowerPoint plays well with Word and Excel. For instance, you can embed PowerPoint slides into a Word specification document while keeping them fully editable.

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