Placeholder Photos

Placeholder images help you visualize how a website or an app will look even though the actual content is not yet available. In this set, you will find 16 generic photos that work well as filler content for any kind of mockup or prototype. You can use PowerPoint’s Crop feature (FORMATCrop) to adjust the dimensions of the photos.

All photos were taken by Ryan McGuire.

  • Total items: 16
  • Tags: Dummy, Pictures, Images

This collection of PowerPoint shapes is included with PowerMockup, a wireframe and mockup add-in for PowerPoint.

Download PowerMockup

How can I download this collection?

This collection is part of PowerMockup, which you can download here. PowerMockup is an add-in that integrates itself into the PowerPoint window. To install PowerMockup, you will need PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, or 2021 for Windows.

Once you have installed PowerMockup, simply click on the large Download More Shapes button. You can then browse all available collections and download the ones you like.

Is PowerMockup free?

PowerMockup is a paid software, but we offer a free trial version.

Pricing information can be found here.